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In English


Heja Framtiden is a podcast and platform for conversations about the future.

Doesn’t that sound interesting?

Well, it is in fact really interesting. I get to conduct interviews with some of the most inspiring future thinkers, industry leaders, writers, nerds, scientists and visionaries.

The main question is not necessarily ”what is going to happen in the future?”, but rather ”how can we make the future even better?”. We envision a bright, sustainable future based upon human collaboration, amazing technology and inevitable progress. 

The podcast kicked off in January 2018 and is mainly being produced in Swedish, but we have an amazing bunch of episodes in English as well. This is possible due to the increasing amount of summits, seminars and conferences that are being held here in the Nordic region.

The podcast concept has since its initiation been transformed into books, seminars, lectures, magazines, events and video content. 

Here are all the English episodes!

And if you like listening on Spotify, there is a playlist with all English Heja Framtiden episodes here.

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Heja Framtiden - podcast and platform for conversations about the future