Heja Framtiden podcast #125: Tim Leberecht

Heja Framtiden podcast #125: Tim Leberecht

Tim Leberecht. Photo: Christian von Essen, hejaframtiden.se

Tim Leberecht is the co-founder and CEO of The Business Romantic Society, and has written a book called The Business Romantic. He argues that human values will be increasingly important in a world – and business environment – dominated by algorithms, big data and hard profit. In other words, we need to step up our relationship-building skills, or sense of community and our common narrative.

If we can foster a more human, listening and inclusive environment, we may also be able to keep the outsiders and ”losers” of the future from subscribing to a world-view based on polarisation and disappointment. And another interesting question: what role can Europe play in this romantic future? We met Tim at the SIME 2019 conference at Epicenter in Stockholm. 

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Podcast host: Christian von Essen

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