Heja Framtiden podcast #378: Casey Hudetz

Heja Framtiden podcast #378: Casey Hudetz

Casey Hudetz. Press photo.

Casey Hudetz is a Chicago-based designer and filmmaker. Over the past few years, he has been exploring technological development with the help of human pop culture and storytelling. One of his projects is called The BEAR Test, and is his attempt to create a new ”Turing Test” with the popular children’s book I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen. When can a child understand the ending – and when can an AI do it? This question took him on a long and well-documented journey that eventually brought him to Gather Conference in Stockholm, where we met. Casey is also fascinated by speculaltive futures and speculative design – particularly in relation to the Netflix series Black Mirror, so we talk about that as well. // Recorded at Fållan in Stockholm. Check out hejaframtiden.se and our other English episodes.     

In Swedish: Jag skrev också ett blogginlägg om Caseys arbete på United Spaces hemsida.

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Podcast host: Christian von Essen

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