Heja Framtiden podcast #472: Vanessa Butani

Heja Framtiden podcast #472: Vanessa Butani

Vanessa Butani, Electrolux. Photo: Christian von Essen, hejaframtiden.se

The role of the sustainability manager is increasingly complex, especially in a global operation with a vast web of supply chains and a commitment to the Science Based Targets. Vanessa Butani is Vice President Sustainability at Electrolux Group, overseeing an organisation with 51,000 employees and yearly sales of 60 million household products on 120 markets. Sounds like a mission impossible? Not according to Vanessa, who praises both the team effort and the Swedish company’s long history of dedicated improvements in the field. Sustainability is a natural part of everything from material sourcing and design, to shipping, compliance reporting, packaging, chemicals, consumer nudging and energy. Learn more about how this is possible to achieve.

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Podcast host: Christian von Essen

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